Sunday, December 2, 2012

. . . all in our beautiful hotel.  I hope you enjoy this look at things as the bride and her mom, and her attendants all wait to go "on" for the big event.  This was our Saturday night wedding, December 1, 2012.

The bride and her attendants, along with her gorgeous mother.

The grand staircase waits for our beautiful bride to descend to the Grand Ballroom for her weddingl

To the left the bride and her attendants wait for their cue.  In the center is the placecard table with family photos.  So sweet!
Is she making a wish?  Whatever she is doing, she is gorgeous!  In the background our wedding coordinator/banquet manager, Liz Dube goes over details with the officiant for the ceremony.
I hope you enjoy seeing a few of these shots that I snapped with my trusty iPhone last night.


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