Monday, December 31, 2012

Last night's wedding in the Grand Ballroom was so lovely, I had to take these photos to share with you.

 This morning I had a chance to speak to the bride and groom, to tell them how beautiful the room looked, and I learned that the bride did virtually all of these details herself, even to creating the beautiful centerpieces -- which were created because she had a number of guests who were allergic to fresh flowers.

 How the room glowed and sparkled! It was another perfect winter wedding, this time with a completely different look, yet still stunning in its excellence. The colors of the accessories she chose went perfectly with the room!

Taking a panoramic photo changes the look of the Ballroom, but also allows you to see how the head table along the Common side of the room looked.

The gold chargers with the snowflakes on them, along with the beautiful gold clothes and satin damask overlays.

Having a matching gold cloth for the cake table really adds a nice touch to the room.
I hope you enjoy taking a peek at another wedding in the Grand Ballroom of the Hawthorne Hotel.


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