Monday, August 27, 2012

I have been to several events at Cobblestone Hall in downtown Raleigh City Market but this was my first wedding ceremony there. The old historic building in City Market has been many things in the past including an upscale restaurant and brewery. It is a spacious facility that can accommodate both the ceremony and the reception and is surrounded by old cobblestone streets and quaint storefronts. This setting appealed to Tracey and James and so they booked their wedding there for August 25, 2012. The three of us met in January to plan the ceremony while they assembled an impressive team of wedding vendors: Steve Stowe with Joe Bunn DJ Company, Anna Paschal--wedding photographer from Greensboro, Bea Miller of Floral Dimensions, Simply Cakes, and Rocky Top Catering.
This cute wedding cake was baked by Simply Cakes and the adorable toppers are the UNC Ram and the Duke Blue Devil! Together on one cake--imagine that!
Anna Paschal, our photographer, center, and her second shooter, checking in with me about any rules I have about photography during the wedding ceremony. I really don't have any rules except I request she does not walk behind me and distract the guests. Otherwise, I am pretty oblivious to the photographer during the ceremony. I appreciate her asking! 
Rocky Top Catering has the appetizer table ready for the cocktail hour immediately following the ceremony. Thanks to Kevin DeHimer with Rocky Top for referring the couple to me!
To the right separated by a row of palms, is the ceremony area. On the left side are the tables for the reception to which the chairs from the ceremony will be added afterwards and the ceremony area becomes a large dance floor!
Kaitlin  Briggs, Special Events Manager with Cobblestone Hall, and Steve Stowe, DJ with Joe Bunn DJ Company, pose for the picture. They are a dream to work with!
In the meantime, I am getting Michael, best man, to sign the license for me while the groomsmen are standing around waiting for the guests to arrive.
Into "vintage" suitcases the favors have been stowed for the guests to help themselves to. Avondale Sweet 'n Spicy Pecans with Fiery Sweet Tea Vodka.
Kaitlin stepped in to direct the processional when the friend of the couple's who was going to direct, suddenly had a family emergency and could not be there. Thanks, Kaitlin! You did a great job and everything went perfectly. At this point the groom's parents have entered and next up are the groom's grandfather and the groom's sister, Christina, who did a reading during the ceremony.
The couple's story went over so well and everyone had some good laughs. They gave me some good material to work with. Then the vows and rings followed.
Making their vows to each other....
 The pronouncement--the magic moment they became husband and wife. 
I can't remember what was so funny at that moment...just that they were so happy! 
"Friends and Family, it is my honor to present to you for the first time.....!"
Congratulations, Tracey and James! You are so well suitted to each other and I know you will have a happy and long-lasting marriage! I wish you all the best!

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