Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I used to joke around and say that wedding ministers don't get repeat business! But, as of now, I can no longer truthfully say that. I officiated the wedding of James and his first wife 12 years ago. Sadly the marriage did not endure and they went their separate ways. James called me a couple of months ago and explained what had happened. I remembered him well, and his parents, too. His father, Tommy, is is the floor covering business and had put in some carpeting for me way back then. James explained that he had now found Addy, the love of his life, and he wanted me to marry them. He fondly remembered the ceremony and how I had delivered it. I was so very happy that I was available for their wedding day of August 25, 2012 at Lake Johnson Park. I met with them and could tell that they were really well matched and very much in love. Both of them told me that since this was a second marriage for both of them that they had learned a lot and treasured their love so much. I explained to them that my ceremonies had evolved tremendously since those early days of my wedding ministry and that we would incorporate the story of how they met and fell in love, what they love about each other and what they are looking forward to in marriage. In the meantime, I was in the market for some new floor covering so I gave Tommy a call and gave him some repeat business!!

When Marty and I arrived for the big wedding day, it was overcast and although it looked like it could rain, it did not. It was perfect weather for taking pictures too. Hilary Pearce and her husband Bryce were there taking photo for the couple. The deck and reception area were all decorated by Addy and Lynda, James' mother, and it looked wonderful. I could tell they had put a lot of time and effort into everything. As you see, the color scheme is black and white.
What cute little fans they made! 
The sand ceremony was ready!
 The big announcement.....
 This cake was by Blue Moon Bakery and was perfect! 
James' niece, Maggie, was in charge of keeping up with Lucy, the couple's chihuahua puppy, who was wearing a cute black and white skirt and a ring pillow on top!
They used actual old records for placemats! 
 A drum was the guest book......
 A bin full of favors. I wonder what is in all those little bags? 
The guests arrived and James, Tommy and I got into place and waited for Lynda's cue to walk down the aisle.
Waiting for the bride....Tanna  was Addy's Maid of Honor and Maggie the bridesmaid. Tommy was James' best man and Michael, James' nephew, was the groomsman.
 And here she comes!
Addy's parents live in Washington State and were unable to be present. James' meets Addy halfway down the aisle and they walk the rest of the way down the aisle together.
James and Addy, go forth in love, joy and peace and be happy. Cherish the love you have and protect it from harm. I wish you all the best! 

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