Monday, September 10, 2012

Ben and Kyla met in Texas where they fell madly in love. Kyla is from North Carolina so their wedding was here in Raleigh on September 2, 2012 at the All Saints Chapel and their reception was at The Stockroom. They used the Raleigh Trolley to transport their many guests to the ceremony and back to The Stockroom. It was a full house with many Texans present and I found out they sure do love to laugh! Ben and Kyla met with me last October to plan their wedding ceremony. They really loved that they could make their ceremony their own and they certainly did!
The altar at All Saints was decorated by Fresh Affairs and they did a beautiful job. I think this is the prettiest I have ever seen there. The candlelight helps illuminate the dark intricate wood patterns. The lilies are simple yet elegant. A great backdrop for the ceremony that lightens up the area! The photographers for the event were Brett and Jessica.
Diane, in blue, is the events coordinator for this wedding at All Saints. She is so much fun to work with and really on the ball. Here we are busy pinning boutonnieres on the men.
When we are ready to begin, Kathy, a friend of Kyla's family, got the parents and grandparents lined up to walk down the aisle. The first couple are Ben's grandparents.
After the parents entered, the groom and groomsmen and I entered from the side room. Then the bridesmaids entered followed by the two pretty little flower girls stepped down the aisle sprinkling the petals.
We are all waiting for the bride and Ben is already tearing up as you can see! He shed many tears during the entire ceremony, except for when he was laughing!
Kyla chose to walk the aisle alone and had her parents stand and meet her at the end of the aisle. Ben had stepped down from the altar. 
They each hugged Kyla's parents then stepped up onto the altar to join me.
Like most ceremonies, we began with a warm welcome to all the guests, a prayer and remembrance of all who could not be with us. They had placed three memorial candles on the altar as a tribute to their departed loved ones.
Then it was time to honor their parents and stepparents. 
It was definitely a three hankie wedding. The bride had a blue hankie, Ben used the one that came with his tux, and I had another one! I am asking him here if he is going to be okay! He sobbed and said yes. I really appreciate that Ben feels his feelings and can express them.  
 And so we go on......
Here is where I am beginning the story of how Ben and Kyla met and how he stole her heart with his magic tricks and his dancing skills.
Then we came to the part about what they love about each other. Ben is listening to what Kyla told me about him and hearing it for the first time.
Then I begin telling Kyla what Ben told me he loves about her. 
I believe this is where I said: "He loves your smile, your full body laughs and your perfect derriere!" as everyone broke up! Especially his brother Charlie, the best man, who was laughing so hard he was crying too!
And now some serious words about marriage and what it is really all about.
 Saying their vows.....
 Placing the rings....
I brought out the third hankie here to mop Ben's face off and get him ready for the kiss! He was such a great sport!
 The moment that makes it all legal...
 Beginning their new adventure with a kiss! 
 They danced down the aisle!  
Fabulous wedding...I can't remember having so much fun, Kyla and Ben! I'll never forget your wedding and I wish you mountains of love, peace and joy!

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