Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It was November 2011, the wedding was January 15, 2012 at The Oaks at Salem and Laurie and Matt did not have an officiant, the one required wedding vendor! So, a co-worker of Laurie's recommended that they call me since I had married her and her husband several years ago. We met on November 16th and hit it off. They booked me as their officiant and we began to work on their ceremony. They knew for sure they wanted to recognize Matt's 9 year old son in the ceremony so we put in the Family Unity Sand Ceremony. They also wanted to include the story of how they met and fell in love and what they love about each other and why they wanted to marry. Seems that they were both out one night in November of 2009 at a sports bar enjoying themselves when they struck up a conversation. Matt loved Laurie's bright smile and beautiful hair. She was impressed with Matt's sweet disposition and friendly smile. They exchanged numbers and Matt did not waste anytime following up. It did not take them long to discover that they really liked being together and soon became a couple. I asked them individually to tell me what they loved about their partner and why they wanted to marry him or her. Their answers were included in the ceremony giving it such a sweet touch. From what they told me about why they wanted to marry each other, it was obvious that they are very much in love.
So, on January 15th, a bright clear Sunday afternoon, too chilly to have an outdoor wedding, a tent had been erected on the patio of The Oaks at Salem. It is a gorgeous venue and probably the newest in the Triangle. The proprietor, April Maness, has done a wonderful job designing the house for weddings.
Marty and I parked the car and snuck in through the garage and downstairs. On the way we saw this beautiful wedding cake and matching cupcakes by Stick Boy Bakery in Fuquay. Jeff Eisenhuth with At Last Weddings and Events is also associated with Catering by Design and was catering this wedding. He has been in the wedding business for over 25 years. It was good to see him there.
Joe Wells with Top Notch Entertainment and DJ Services was setting up and he graciously plugged my wireless microphone into his system and we did a sound check. Thanks, Joe, it was a pleasure to work with you!
While I was waiting for the guests to be seated, this perky little videographer rushed in and introduced herself as Jill with TLC filming the wedding for the show "Say Yes to the Dress!" I was floored. I had no idea that Laurie had flown to NYC with her mother and friends to Kleinfeld's to buy her dress and was chosen to be on the show. How exciting! I watch the show all the time. I can't wait to see how easy or how difficult it was for Laurie to select her beautiful wedding gown. It was perfect for her and you could tell she felt like a princess in it! I have been on national television before (Heba and Ed, one of my wedding couples used wedding photos with me in them when they were on The Biggest Loser show.) So, I asked Jill if she needed for me to sign a release and she produced one after the wedding for me to sign. I sure hope this wedding makes it through the editing process and will be on the show. They don't show the wedding of every bride who gets her dress at Kleinfeld's. 
When it was time to begin and the mothers had been seated, we entered. The heaters had been turned off so that the sound would be better for the ceremony.
Matt's father, Sam, was his best man, followed by his friend Eddie, then taking up the rear was Sammy, Matt's son.
After the bridesmaids entered, Laurie was ushered in by her cousin David since her father has passed away.
You can see that the guests were seated at their tables while the families sat in chairs on the dance floor. The tent was beautiful and the backdrop of the lake was very special.
Laurie's friend, Trish, did a wonderful job of presenting "I Like You," a humorous poem by Sandol Stoddard Warburg.

Isn't her dress gorgeous? And the bride is too. Laurie was quite emotional and I could see tears starting as she walked toward us down the aisle. Eventually tears started leaking out of Matt's eyes and I was glad I had two hankies with me! 

They read their beautiful vows to each other from my book. 

Then it was time to exchange rings with these words: "I place this ring on your finger and my heart in your hand. I have no greater gift."
I think Sammy enjoyed pouring his sand! He was such a well behaved little boy! 

Finally Laurie is smiling as I made the pronouncement of marriage. 
That is Jill on the right, capturing the just married couple for TLC. Carrie Richardson Fry with Richardson Fry Photography was doing the still photos and Janice with Big Dog Little Bed Productions was the local videographer. Exquisite Occasions out of Roanoke Rapids furnished the flowers. The owner, David Dickens, is a friend of the couple and he also served as wedding director.
Right after the wedding, after all the guests were invited to go upstairs for refreshments and to warm up, Matt and Laurie were interviewed and videoed by Jill for TLC. Then we took our photos of the happy couple. I love that smile of yours, Laurie! I know you are both so happy and now on your honeymoon! Do let me know when your episode of Say Yes to the Dress airs!

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