Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My first wedding at this unique venue--The Cookery! It is smack dab in the middle of downtown Durham and a blank palette for couples to make what they want of it. Kristin and Andrew decided to go with it and it turned out fabulous. Their wedding was Friday August 8, 2014 at 6:30 PM.
 When you walk in the front door and turn to your left, you see this. 
Straight ahead is the bar and kitchen area. Sage and Swift was the caterer and also provided cupcakes in place of a wedding cake. There is a mezzanine up the steps and their Photo Booth from Anything Music was there. Their photographer was Amy Allen
From the bar area you can see the front door then the opening to the outside where there was a big tent erected and air conditioned! 
 Everyone is chipping in to get things ready. 
 Their wedding "logo."
Talking to JD Silverthorne with Anything Music DJs. He was great to work with. He is in his corner of operation below for the ceremony.
All the guests are seated and we are standing around getting ready to start. On the left are our attendants, Anna and Adam, then Pat (mother of the bride) with her escort, Casey (her son).
Tom is proud to escort his beautiful daughter, Kristin, into the ceremony area as the guests are standing in her honor. Jule, our wedding director and friend of the bride, did a wonderful job sending us all in on cue. 
And here we go! Kristin and Andrew did not like the white curtains for their "backdrop" so Andrew built that wall of recycled wooden boards for the occasion which will be used in their home. It was so heavy it had to be transported in two pieces. The florals were DIY and the simplicity of the baby's breath and green peace lilies was elegant and very organic!
Welcome to all! (You may notice that the bride and groom are on opposite sides than traditional. The parents wanted to see their child's face during the ceremony instead of their backs. I get this request from time to time and it makes sense to me!) 
Talking to the parents: Kristin and Andrew had written sweet words to each of their parents thanking them for all their love and support during their lives.
 There was lots of laughter and some tears too! 
 The guests taking it all in.
Now to tell their story! They were introduced on line and when they met in person for their first date which lasted 4 hours, they were both smitten and never looked back!
Revealing what each of them had told me about the other--what they love about each other and what they are looking forward to in marriage. Sweet moment.
 The vows..... 
 The rings......
 The closing blessing where they turn and gaze around at the loved ones there to honor them. 
 "It is my honor to pronounce you husband and wife!" 
Outside in front of the wall mural on The Cookery......Andrew and Kristin, you had such a wonderful warm, laid back wedding and it is all because that is what you are! What a pleasure to work with you both. I wish you all the best forever!
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