Saturday, January 19, 2013

Wedding Hairstyles include both updos and down dos. Updo hairstyles are best suited to those women who have a long and narrow neck in combination with a bony face that boasts chiseled features and high cheekbones. The reason behind this is that the up do chosen from among the wedding hairstyles would give prominence to your face a great deal, hence, women with chiseled features best use this fact to their advantage. Also if the bride, bridesmaid or guest at a wedding has a large forehead in combination with chiseled and sharp features she ought to wear her hair in some side swept bangs so that the volume of the forehead is reduced somewhat.

Wedding Hairstyles
Wedding Hairstyles

Brides and bridesmaids with wavy hair ought to enjoy styling their hair along the lines of wedding hairstyles this year as most of the wedding hairstyles this year make use of the wavy texture of a bride’s or bridesmaid’s hair You can simply gather your lustrous waves in an elegant mass at the top of your head and leave half of them cascading over one shoulder. It would be a good idea to apply some curl enhancing cream and some gloss adding serum to your hair to make it look glossy and shiny. It would also be a good idea to apply liberal amounts of hairspray to ones hair after you have secured the wavy hair in an elegant mass at the top of your head. You can adorn this hairdo with a large bejeweled orchid shape hair accessory at the other side of the hairdo opposite to the shoulder that has the curls over it.

You can also make a side chignon on your or you’re friends big day. It is important that the chignon should be made in combination with a side partition. Hence, this hairdo chosen from among the wedding hairstyles is ideal for all those brides and bridesmaids who have a large and chubby face, or those who have a large forehead or those who have a square cut face. The reason behind this is that the side partition makes one look slimmer when it comes to the face cut and helps reduce one’s face volume.

There is also the option of making a hairdo from among the wedding hairstyles that primarily includes a side pony tail secured with large white blossom. The blossom would look wonderful with the white dress of the bride and the bridesmaids. This would look great on the bride adding to the white and virginal glow of her dress and making her look enchanting and mesmerizing through and through. It is important that the bride in question wears her hair in a way that does not clash with her dress and suits her persona as well instead of looking like a disaster.

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