Saturday, November 3, 2012

On November 18, 2011, I met Emily and Andy. They had set their wedding date for November 3, 2012 and chosen the fabulous Barclay Villa for their venue. They had been friends since freshman year in college but did not discover that they were perfect for each other until they had both transferred to other colleges. It took a while before they reconnected but this time the spark of love was ignited and for the past 6 years they have been a couple buying a house together and traveling the world together. In May of 2011 Andy proposed while they were on an amazing vacation in Mexico, although according to Emily, she would have said yes a couple of years earlier! 
Barclay Villa in Angier is so beautiful--and an unexpected sight. It looks like a castle and is in striking contrast to the acres of farmland surrounding it. The beautiful grounds and the gazebo indeed make a beautiful place for a wedding.
The family of Cathy Honeycutt, co-owner of Barclay Catering and Event Planning, owns the property and Cathy and Cindy Ebersbach run the events there including catering as well as the directing for the couple. This is the doorway where the wedding party will process down the aisle.
 In the garden next to the area for the ceremony is this wonderful gazing pool!
I went upstairs to the elegantly appointed rooms where the bride and bridesmaids were getting ready and to get Emily's sister, Julie's, signature on the marriage license. On the way I ran into the bride with our photographer, Megan Kime, Megan Kime Photography, making their way to a spot by the pool for photographs. Emily whispered to me that she was feeling really nervous and to please speak slowly at the ceremony! I assured her that, unlike the rehearsal, I do speak very slowly and deliberately for the ceremony!
Next it was a visit to the Billiards room where the groom and his guys (and gals) hang out. Got the signature of Andy's brother, Rick, on the license here. Andy was cool as a cucumber.
 The Ballroom was all decked out for the reception. 
 This is the bride and groom's table in front of the huge fireplace. 
This is the view of the ballroom from the fireplace showing the stairs which lead up to the loft and balcony area.
Cinda's Creative Cakes provided this gorgeous cake! 
Dogwood Tree Floral Design provided the beautiful floral decor, the bouquets and the boutonnieres.
My good friend and colleague, Randy Bennett with Joe Bunn DJ Company, was there to run the music for the ceremony and the reception. He is always prepared and I never worry about the sound or music when he is on the scene!
First to be escorted in is Andy's mother, Peggy, by his father, Robert. Andy and his parents hail from Taiwan.
Emily's mother, Susan, was escorted in by her brother, Michael.
Peeking around the corner to see when it is time for me to start walking.
 It's time! 
 Followed by Andy and his brother Rick, best man. 
Brigid and Terrence 
Tina and Timothy
Leisa and Peter
Amy and Sean
 Julie, Maid of Honor, enters solo before the bride. 
Cathy readies the train as Emily and her father, Richard, begin the walk down the aisle.
I think Daddy was probably reassuring Emily here but once she got down the aisle and we got started, she relaxed and was fine! Believe me, it is normal to be nervous on your wedding day!
After welcoming all the guests, we had a prayer and remembered those loved ones who could not be with us. Then we had a tribute to the parents and got their blessings for this union. A reading of First Corinthians, Chapter 13, followed which teaches us about love which flowed into the love story of Emily and Andy.
I stepped out from behind the couple to speak to the guests. This is where the sweetness and the humor are all stirred together in to a moving story.
I believe this is where I was telling Andy why Emily loves him. "Emily loves both your maturity and your sense of humor and that sometimes when you are driving, she gets to see her life flash before her eyes!
....Because of you, she gets to watch ESPN every single night before going to bed." 
After the sweet funny stuff come the more serious words about love and marriage, the vows and the exchange of rings, a closing blessing wishing the couple well, then the pronouncement of marriage. 
 Sealed with a kiss! 
 Julie moves the train around to the back as I introduce our newlyweds!
The really special thing about Barclay Villa is that Juliet balcony. The bride and groom recess, go inside the ballroom, up the stairs and out onto the balcony and watch the recessional. Of course they get a big round of applause too!
Andy and Emily, what a great wedding! I hope your are still celebrating as I write this!  I think you are a wonderful couple and I wish you all the happiness and adventure in the world!

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