Monday, September 3, 2012

Tiffany and Dylan met shortly after he got out of the Marines and she was not in the least bit interested in dating a military man and besides, she was a city girl from New York and he was a country boy from North Carolina although born in Minnesota! So she avoided him as best she could but they were thrown together often because they were both part of the same crowd. She did take note of how he always made sure all the girls in the group were safe and taken care of when they were out and how he always made his mother top priority. Dylan was charmed by Tiffany's stunning beauty and was curious to see if there could be any future for the two of them. They officially started seeing each other at a New Year's Eve party when Tiffany's resistance crumbled and she found out her perception of him had been very wrong. After that heart to heart encounter they soon became a couple. When Dylan proposed, Tiffany said yes and they started planning their wedding for September 1, 2012!
They chose St. Marks Chapel for its quaint historical charm and packed it full of their guests. The capacity is 55 people and they were at maximum capacity.
They added lots of lovely little touches here and there like this flower arrangement on the steps of the chapel. The bride and her friends did all the florals themselves.
There were groupings of bottles and unusual arrangements flanking the sidewalk.
The altar was decorated with ribbons, garlands, a flower wreath, and bird cages.
 Sherry Lattin of Florian Music graced us with beautiful violin music.
I met Dylan's mother, Robin, for the first time before the wedding. She had not been present at our rehearsal the day before.
Then, I was in for a surprise when Joy and Jason and their daughter, Sydney, appeared!
I married them 12 years ago at Horace Williams House in Chapel Hill and two years ago, Jason arranged for me to officiate a 10 year anniversary and renewal of vows ceremony as a surprise for Joy at the Horace Williams House! What a neat couple. Joy is a friend of Tiffany's.
After we shooed all the guests inside the chapel and the guys and I got lined up inside, it was time for Rosanne, mother of the bride, to be escorted in by her son, Russell, followed by the bridesmaids and then Tiffany and her father, John.
Tiffany's dress was one of the most beautiful wedding gowns I have ever seen and it was simply perfect for her. The color was quite unique and a beige-cream-taupe color called "antique."
The bridesmaids are already beginning to weep with joy! 
Tiffany and Dylan and I had such fun writing their ceremony to be just what they wanted. Tiffany and Dylan not only paid tribute to their parents but Tiffany included really funny tributes to her three brothers and had the guests in stitches and tears at the same time! 
Then I shared with the guests why Tiffany and Dylan wanted to marry each other and what they were looking forward to in marriage. 
 By that time, Dylan had worked up a sweat! 
We had to clean Dylan up after the kiss which left lipstick not only on his mouth but on his teeth!
They requested a group shot of all the guests so we pushed and shoved and got everyone up front while our photographer, April Sirit, Evoke Photography, went up in the loft to take the picture, along with Marty who got this one.
Then we all filed outside, collected our bubbles and lined up on the walkway to bubble the bride and groom when they came out! Great picture!
Dylan and Tiffany, what can I say? Great wedding! Great couple! My congratulations and best wishes ever!

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