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Kristen and Chris' wedding was my first one at Rock Quarry Farm in Chapel Hill. I had heard about this lovely venue and gotten requests to do weddings there but the dates and times never worked. So happy that it worked out for me to officiate Kristen and Chris' wedding there on April 26, 2014. It is a gorgeous site. I met Camille, the owner, at our rehearsal in the rain the day before. But the wedding day dawned sunny and beautiful.
When Marty and I arrived, their photographer Jessica Crawford and her second shooter had our beautiful bride and her maidens out in the front yard taking photos. Marty snapped a few and here is one. I must admit there were so many great photos from this wedding that it was hard to choose which ones to put on this post. So, there are more than usual!
We made our way past the farmhouse, the carport area and the barn to the ceremony site and set up my sound system.
Dana Cadwell with C&D Events was their wedding planner and her staff had set up the arbor and decorated it with pretty flowers.
 They also hung mason jars with assorted flowers on the aisle chairs. 
The musicians were warming up--a string quartet put together by Catherine Hueston. 
 The guests began arriving and were invited to get refreshments at the bar area under the carport. 
The groom and his groomsmen were playing corn hole in front of the barn. I snagged Eric, the best man, to sign the marriage license for me. We also decided that he should hold the real rings and not our little ring bearer, Nathan--a wise decision.
The barn is apparently new construction and the boards have been left with gaps to allow light and air to stream in. It was quite unique and airy. It had been set up for the reception. The caterer was Unforgettable Food Affairs and instead of a wedding cake, they had Wedding Desserts by Sweet Traditions by LeAne.
 The guests of honor! 
Patrick Cooke with PC Productions was the DJ for the reception. I know everyone had a great time with Patrick as MC! 
 The guest table with programs (I forgot to get one!) and the Tree of Life style guest sign in. 
The guests had all been ushered to the ceremony site and Dana was getting the processional lined up.  Dana is the tall young lady in the orange dress on the right.  Great job, Dana!
The bride's grandmother, Caroline, was escorted in first, then Chris' parents, Marilyn and Bob (above), made their way down the aisle.
 Mother of the Bride, Kim, is escorted by Allen, Father of the Bride, who returned to bring in Kristen.
Then it is time for the guys and me. You will note that I am dressed in a light blue, close to Carolina Blue, at their request.
 It was a long processional!! 
 Waiting for the ring bearer and the bride. 
Nathan started off headed for the aisle but veered off track to the right. Someone intercepted him and got him back on track and he made it down the aisle. He was so cute!
 Here comes our gorgeous bride and her proud father!
 Everyone stands in her honor. 
 Welcome to everyone!
 The Wedding Prayer by Robert Louis Stephenson.
 Beautiful setting in the arms of Mother Nature!  
The parents stood for a special blessing the couple prepared for them. Tears spilled! 
Then I asked everyone to stand and asked for their blessing and support of this marriage. Everyone answered "We will" very enthusiastically.
 Kristen's friend, Crystal, shared words by George Eliot.
 Chris' friend, Mike, shared the words of William Shakespeare from King John.  
And now for the story of how Kristen and Chris met and fell in love and decided to marry followed by a special paragraph from each about what they love about each other.
 The vows along with a few tears and sniffles! 
 Exchange of rings.....
I believe this is where Chris turned his back to the guests to wipe his nose and I said "give it a good blow!" (I always check to see that noses are wiped before the kiss which was coming up soon!) It was also a "two hankie" wedding--one for the bride and one for the groom!
 The pronouncement followed by.......
 Wow, we're married! 
Time for some post-ceremony photos!  
Jessica set up some great compositions. But, I am not sure Kristen is very confident that Chris will not lose his grip on her!
 Chris and Kristen, you were a joy to work with and a very well matched couple. I know you will have a very happy and prosperous marriage! Best always!

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